Times they are a-changing, and garages are not just for cars anymore. With today’s homeowners getting more creative with alternative ways to use space, it’s no surprise that garage remodels are on the rise.

If you are looking to convert your garage, there are few important factors to keep in mind before getting started:

  1. Permit – Depending on the extent of the remodel, you will need to check with your local municipality to see if you need a permit to move forward with any renovations.
  2. Utilities – If the new space is going to require water, heating & cooling, or electricity, you will want to keep that in mind. Most garages do have power, but they are not typically equipped with heating or air conditioning.
  3. The Garage Door – The type and quality of your garage door will make a difference in the usability of the space. Some homeowners will opt to take the garage door out entirely and put up a new wall in its place, but that involves a much more extensive renovation and a larger budget. As long as you equip the room with heat and potentially air conditioning as well, keeping the garage door in place should not be an issue.

Creative Ways to Makeover Your Garage

Some homeowners get very creative with their garage remodels. With an open mind, the space is adaptable for just about anything. To help get the ideas flowing, we’ve narrowed the list down to the most popular ideas for garage conversions.

1. Home Gym

Converting a spare room into a personal gym is one of the top renovations overtaken by homeowners. With the cost of gym memberships rising, the home gym is becoming a popular money-saving remodeling project.

The garage especially makes for a great space for a home gym because it already tends to have a “rough” feel to it, making it perfect for getting sweaty during an intense workout session. If you are looking for something a little more polished, like a yoga studio, that is also an option as well.

2. Home Office

With more people today prioritizing having a balanced work and personal life, it is common to see homeowners converting spare rooms into home offices. However, using a room inside the house can make for an environment where you are easily distracted. The garage, therefore, is the better choice as it still offers convenience while providing a separation of work and home life.

Renovating a garage for a home office will potentially require a little more work needing to be put into the remodel. Depending on the distance from the garage to your home, you may need to get a wifi extender. You will also potentially want to change the lighting to suit a work environment better. It might even be a smart choice to take further precautions to secure the space if it is going to be housing expensive computer equipment.

3. Workshop or Art Studio

The garage is the ideal space for a workshop. There is no need to worry about messes, and there is ample space to spread out without being in the way. In the warmer months, you can even work with the garage door open to get some fresh air.

Whether you are painting, crafting, woodworking, or even do photography, the garage can easily be adapted to suit your needs. It is the ideal creative space as it provides you an escape to focus on your projects without being easily disturbed. The garage also offers plenty of room for you to store and organize all of your tools and materials.

4. Music Room

No matter how excellent your musical talents might be, it is still frustrating for the rest of the household to hear if they also have projects to work on. Or, perhaps it’s your partner or your kid(s) that play an instrument. Whomever it might be, the garage works well as a music room conversion because it provides a space for practicing without fear of disturbing anyone else.

If the garage is detached, there isn’t much that you necessarily need to do to remodel the space. In some cases, it’s as simple as making room for the instrument set up. However, if the garage is attached to the home, you may want to install some foam to help soundproof in an effort to keep the noise from carrying into the house.

5. Game Room

Game nights are on the rise again, with some families and groupings of friends taking it to competitive extremes. Though simple board game nights sitting around the dining table are still prevalent, some people are moving towards converting entire rooms into a gamers paradise.

Just as with music rooms, garage game rooms similarly provide a separate space from the home where you can be loud and raucous. It also doesn’t take much to spruce up the garage to make your game room more comfortable. Some seating, a rug, and some artwork can easily make the space feel more inviting.

A Garage Door Installation To Match Your Renovation

Though it is not necessarily essential to change out the garage door to get a new one for your remodel, it is still something to consider. If the new space is one that you or other members of the household will be spending a lot of time in, it is a good idea to consider a garage door that will better insulate the room. Or, perhaps you want to get a new door, or even have a custom one made to match the style of the new room you created.

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