Legacy Garage Doors discuss when homeowners should seek professional garage spring repair services.

What Does a Garage-Door Spring Do?

Garage-door springs balance the force of gravity and make the door easier to raise or open.

These springs also perform as safety tools to stop doors from dropping on people accidentally.

Garage doors can’t be opened or closed using an automatic opener if they have a broken or missing spring.

However, in an emergency, people can raise the door manually.

A garage door is an enormous door on any property and demands a robust operation mechanism.

Experts at Legacy Garage Doors provide a few reasons why homeowners should hire professional garage door technicians to repair their broken springs, and why this is the best option.

Security, Safety and Experience

Garage doors can weigh as much as 500 pounds, so anyone can guess the lifting power required from the large springs that handle any garage door.

Specialists who know precisely how to install and repair broken garage door springs are the best option to handle these situations. This will ensure the job is done correctly and no one gets hurt.

Handling these broken springs can be dangerous for individuals lacking experience.

With garage door and spring repair, experts who have years of experience in installing and repairing will undoubtedly have the skills required to fix a broken garage door spring.

The Right Parts and Equipment

It’s hard to have all the right tools for every job. Experienced garage door specialists will have precisely the right tools for the job.

Moreover, customers can buy the wrong parts of a repair job or don’t buy all the tools needed.

Legacy Garage Doors has all the proper tools and experience needed to complete any garage door project.

Confidence and Warranties

The expense of hiring a professional to repair a garage door spring is worth it! Experts have the knowledge and experience to complete a project correctly and in a timely manner.

Also, most garage door repair specialists present warranties on parts and labor, giving clients peace of mind.

Legacy Garage Doors can perform any garage door repair for Boise homeowners, making it easy for clients to avoid the dangers of trying to do it themselves. This allows homeowners to get their lives back to normal a lot faster!

How Can Clients Know If Their Garage Door Spring Is Broken?

Occasionally, a broken garage door spring may be challenging to identify.

However, when a garage door spring breaks, it will make a loud sound due to the pressure that builds up in the spring.

Here are some other signs homeowners might be dealing with a broken spring:
  1. The top half of the door appears misaligned
  2. The door opens a few inches and then comes down again
  3. The cables connected to the springs are dangling
  4. The door seems to be off track or crooked
  5. The garage door pulls as it goes up and down.
  6. The entry is crooked as it moves along the track and may become stuck in progress.
  7. The door won’t open, even in emergencies.
  8. There is a gap between the rings in your torsion spring.
  9. The entry goes up more slowly than usual.
  10. You override the electronic opener, and the door is weighty when you try to open it manually.

These can be signs that the garage door spring is damaged or broken.

In general, homeowners should look for the previous common signs that a garage door spring has broken.

Legacy Garage Doors knows exactly what to look for and how to fix this issue, so be sure to give them a call!

Why Are Legacy Garage Doors The Top Rated Garage Door Repair Company at Boise?

Before Legacy Garage Doors began, their owner started over 20 years ago in the garage door industry. Over the two decades that have gone by, they have seen new improvements to garage door safety and style.

Legacy Garage Doors has gained customers through its proven track record, fast repairs and installation, and honest quotes. They are an independent, family-owned and operated garage door repair and installation business serving residents and property owners around Boise, Idaho. Residents can depend on Legacy Garage Doors for the best in custom or standard garage doors, built with a level of quality workmanship no other installation company can live up to. Call them today!

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