These days, everything is going digital. We’ve got smart TVs, cars, and even doorbells, among many other devices. So it’s no surprise that garage door openers are getting an upgrade as well. If you can control your vehicle remotely, the garage should offer the same capability as well. Whether you’re a high-tech gadget connoisseur, or simply in need of an upgrade, smart garage door devices offer something for everyone. They not only provide convenience but have security features that help make your home safer as well.

How Can I Benefit From a Smart Garage Door Opener?

With all of the smart and high-tech products on the market, it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up. It also takes a toll on your bank account when you continually have to pay more for these products. So when smart garage door openers get thrown into the mix, it’s understandable that homeowners might be hesitant to spend more money. The garage door is one of those things that seem insignificant until the moment it becomes unreliable and needs fixing.

However, as a feature of the home that gets used daily, it’s more important than you might think. Not only does it house your car, but many homeowners also use the garage as the main entrance to the home. The garage is also often used to store expensive tools and equipment. Upgrading to a smart garage door opener offers added security, convenience, and more. So while the upfront cost might be high, it is worth it in the long run. Also, you can upgrade existing garage door openers with smart add-ons that don’t cost as much as buying a whole new opener. Some of the many benefits of upgrading your garage door opener include:

A More Secure Home

Most smart garage door devices have apps that you can install on your phone that allow you to operate the door remotely. You can also receive notifications on your phone, alerting you when someone is accessing the door. Some of the devices even come with video and audio capabilities, making it easier to see who is coming and going at all hours. With these features, you can ensure that the door is secure and only accessed with your permission.


Have you ever left home and wondered if you forgot to close the garage? With a smart garage opener that is no longer an issue. Some devices have sensors that will automatically shut the door after you leave. You can also go into the app and close the door from your phone.

Being able to control the door remotely also makes dealing with visitors when you aren’t home a breeze. If you know someone will be stopping by, like a friend or family member, you can easily open the garage for them and give them access to your home. You can even use this feature to allow deliveries to be left safely in the garage instead of the front porch.

The Features of a Smart Garage Door Opener

Depending on the model and how much you are looking to spend, there are many great features that a smart garage door opener can offer you. Some of the many features include:

Smart Sensors

If timing the opening of your garage with your arrival is something you enjoy, consider purchasing a smart garage device. Some models have Bluetooth capabilities that detect when you are near, opening the door automatically in time for your arrival. There are also models with sensors that will detect when the door is in use and will send alerts to your phone. This is a great feature to have if you have kids or other members of the household that use the garage. It gives you peace of mind that your loved ones are safely home when they are supposed to be. If someone accesses the door at an unusual time, this feature can also alert you to possible intruders.

Smart Video Capabilities

Having sensors that can alert you when the garage door is opened or closed is one thing, but what if you could also see who is accessing the door? Well, with some smart garage door opener models, you can. Smart video cameras allow you to see who is coming and going. They are also useful for keeping an eye on your kids playing in the garage or a significant other using dangerous equipment and tools. Having a visual on your garage is also convenient for package deliveries. You can open the door remotely and ensure that your packages are left safely inside.

Two-Way Audio

The two-way audio feature comes in handy in many situations. If you are having something delivered, you can easily open the door and use the audio feature to instruct the delivery driver where to leave your packages. You can also use it to communicate with anyone else accessing the garage or to deter intruders from stealing anything or trying to enter the home.

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