One common addition that is becoming standard in many new homes is a garage. Homeowners love the ability to have space to park their cars indoors, as well as some extra space for storage of their items. If you’re considering replacing your garage door or having a new garage installed in 2024, there are some new features that you should look into.

Smart Technology Integration

While garage door manufacturers have dabbled with integrating smart technology into garage doors, 2024 is the year for innovation. Homeowners have access to garage doors with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows homeowners to easily control the functioning of their garage door from their smartphone.

Smart technology helps provide an extra layer of security to ensure that only those who have access to your smartphone can open your garage door. No longer will you have to worry about outside keypads or wonder if you accidentally left the garage door open. You can easily monitor when your garage door opens or closes via your smartphone app. You can even program the app to automatically open your garage door when you’re within a set radius of your home. This way, you no longer have to wait for your garage door to open when you pull into your driveway.

Highly Advanced Insulation

Another area where garage door manufacturers have stepped up their game is with energy consumption and eco-friendliness. Having a highly insulated garage door is vital in order to maintain an adequate temperature inside your garage. New garage doors are coming with advanced insulation that has a much higher R-value than ever in the past.

This new, beefier insulation helps to create a much-needed barrier between the interior and exterior of your home. Whether it’s a scorching hot summer or the extreme cold of winter, your garage can remain at a comfortable temperature for your family. This is extremely important when you use your garage as a secondary storage area for your items. You can ensure that they don’t overheat or freeze on you.

Built-In Security Cameras

Another must-have feature for any new garage door is built-in security cameras. These cameras can stream in real-time to your smartphone or similar mobile device. This will allow you to check when there are notifications of your door opening. You can even watch for your kids getting off the bus or your postal delivery person and easily allow them access to your garage. This feature is super convenient and allows you the ability to feel as if you’re at home even when you’re not.

Advanced Alarm System

No one wants to think about someone trying to break into their home. However, it’s important that you consider this possibility when purchasing a new garage door. One great feature of 2024 garage doors is that they can have built-in security systems for your protection. Anytime your door detects unusual activity or attempts that weren’t authorized to open your garage door, it will trigger an alarm.

This will help to thwart any potential burglars from your home. You will also be able to get a notification on your smartphone when this happens so that you can check your camera and contact the police if necessary.

Biometric Control Access

If you want to take security a step further with your new garage door, you may want to consider one that has built-in biometric control access. This helps to limit the number of people that can gain access to opening your garage door. This type of system will utilize your physical attributes, such as your fingerprint or picture of your face, in order to authorize the opening of your garage door. Biometric control access can give you that extra peace of mind that you need for your home.

Voice Control

Another must-have feature for your new garage door is voice control technology. Now, you won’t even have to take your hands off the steering wheel in order to open your garage door. With a simple command of your voice, your smartphone will be able to enable your garage door to open or close as you desire.

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