There are many different garage door styles available on the market today. These range from wood to metal, and some even have windows that open to enhance ventilation. Thanks to technological advancements, manufacturers are constantly working to improve the quality of garage door materials and make them impenetrable, making you less likely to require garage door repairs. So, the question begs, do unbreakable garage doors exist?

What Are Garage Doors Made Of?

The garage door material is likely one of the first things you consider when looking at a new home. Garage doors are typically made of steel, fiberglass, or wood reinforced with steel bars. Steel garage doors were once considered impenetrable, but these days even they can be compromised by someone who wants to break into your house badly enough. Fiberglass garage doors are more expensive than steel, but they have a higher security rating. Wood reinforced with steel bars is the most popular choice because it’s affordable and sturdy, plus you can paint these to accentuate your home’s exterior decor.

Are There Any Other Options?

The other kind of material recently introduced to the market is called HardiePlank. This material has a high-security rating, but it’s also costly and difficult to install on your own. Another option that some homeowners are choosing is metal garage doors with thick glass inserts instead of traditional windows. These particular garage door panels feature tempered safety glass, which means they can’t be shattered. However, they are easily vulnerable to being kicked in or ripped off their hinges.

What Are the Most Secure Garage Doors?

The most secure garage door options are steel-made, have thick glass inserts and an electronic opener. These doors also feature multi-point locking systems that require keys to open them outside and inside your home. The downside is that these garage doors aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, especially if you want to make your home look more contemporary. Some of the garage door design options you can choose from include:


This design is visually appealing and pretty strong due to the way it locks in place. The garage door opens outwardly and rests on an overhead track, making it easier for you to load or unload your car without having someone sneak into your home.


Roller garage doors are similar to side-hinged doors in that they roll vertically on overhead tracks. However, this design is less expensive than its counterpart but not as strong since the garage door doesn’t lock into place when it closes. These garage doors can be vulnerable to forced entry and weather damage if you live in an area that rains a lot.


These doors are similar to roller garage doors but retract into the ceiling instead of rolling vertically on overhead tracks. They can cost more than other options due to their convenience and novelty appeal, not because they’re impenetrable by any means. The biggest downside is they can be a liability in severe weather conditions.


These garage doors are somewhere in between a roller and a side-hinged door due to their unique design. In general, they have two or more panels that move vertically on tracks mounted along the ceiling and walls. The most significant benefit is that they don’t take up as much space when opened compared to other options, making them suitable for homes with smaller garages.

Do Unbreakable Garage Doors Exist?

Generally, it’s hard to answer. While there are garage doors on the market today marketed as unbreakable, they aren’t cheap, and not many people can afford to be that secure from criminals. The most popular option for most homeowners is installing an electronic opener system that requires you to use keys, codes, or fingerprints to gain entry into your home.

What Can I Do To Improve Garage Door Security?

The most effective way to better protect your garage door is by installing an electronic opener system instead of relying on a push-button or keypad entry. Installing motion sensors, video cameras, and security signs are also good deterrents, especially if you live in a high-crime area. The last thing you can do is get rid of any valuables that may be visible from the outside if you have a garage door with windows.

Security Cameras

If you’re concerned about your home’s safety and protecting your family from burglars, many homeowners have found that installing a high-quality surveillance system is the best solution. But not just any security camera will do; you need to make sure it has excellent night vision and can send alerts when there’s suspicious activity in your surrounding area.

Motion Lights

If you know specific areas in your home need extra security, motion-sensor lighting is another great deterrent. The most significant benefit of installing these lights is that they’re pretty affordable and can be easily installed outdoors or indoors, depending on the type of light fixture you choose. However, one thing to remember is to avoid setting them too sensitively. Otherwise, you may end up with a lot of false alarms when the wind blows against your curtains or doors are slammed shut.

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