Garage Door Opener Installation

These days there are several options to choose from when it comes to picking a garage door opener. With advances in technology, garage door openers have become more efficient to suit the needs of today’s modern homeowners. It might seem insignificant in comparison to other features of the home, but the garage door plays an important role. It not only protects your vehicle and other valuable items kept in the garage from theft and inclement weather, but a newer garage door and opener also adds curb appeal and increases the value of your home.

The garage door is one of the most extensive features of a home that gets used daily. The average American opens and closes their garage door around 1,500 times a year. With such frequent usage, it’s essential to have a reliable garage door opener installed. Openers that require frequent repairs and are loud when operating are frustrating to deal with, especially if the garage is the main point of entry for the home.

The Chain-Drive Opener

Chain-drives are one of the original garage door opener designs. They operate much like a bicycle. A chain that is attached to the motor moves along a trolley to raise or lower the garage door. Though the technology used is older, chain-drive openers are still a popular choice among homeowners because of their affordable price. Chain drives also tend to be stronger and thus are suitable for use with heavier doors.

Disadvantages of Chain-Drive Garage Openers

While they are sturdy and more budget-friendly, the biggest downfall of chain-drive openers is the noise. With several moving parts, chain-drives tend to be quite noisy when operating. Though there have been updates made to reduce the sound level, chain-drives still tend to be the loudest.

The Belt-Drive Opener

If you are looking for a quieter option but still don’t want to break the bank, belt-drive openers are the next best choice. They run similarly to chain-drives, except instead of a chain, it utilizes a reinforced belt to move the garage door. With the belt being a flat material made of rubber, polyurethane, or fiberglass, the operations are smoother. The belt-drive offers a quieter system that doesn’t need repairs as often because there are fewer moving parts.

Disadvantages of Belt-Drive Garage Openers

The biggest con of belt-drive openers is the price. They are not the most expensive option on the market, but they can sometimes cost up to $100 more than a chain-drive system. They also aren’t entirely noiseless, so if you have the money to spend, there may be other openers that better suit your needs.

The Screw-Drive Opener

The screw-drive opener is far different than the previous chain and belt-drive systems. Instead of a chain or belt moving along the trolley to move the door, the screw-drive utilizes a large rotating rod. The rod is threaded with a wire that attaches to the door. When the rod rotates, it raises the door. The rod then rotates back the other direction to close the garage door. This mechanism means that screw-drives have even fewer moving parts than belt-drives, making them even more low maintenance.

Disadvantages of Screw-Drive Garage Openers

Though screw-drives typically require less maintenance, they are sensitive to extreme temperatures. So while on average, they might not need as many repairs, you could still end up performing frequent maintenance checks if you live in an area with extreme changes in temperature. Screw-drives are also not suited for heavy garage doors. The weight puts too much strain on the drive and could result in the need for premature repairs.

The Jackshaft Opener

Jackshaft openers are not as common as other models, but they are gaining in popularity. Unlike the previous three models, jackshaft openers get mounted on the wall beside the garage door instead of the ceiling. The side-mounted opener gives an excellent advantage to homeowners that are wanting to use the extra ceiling space for storage. Many jackshaft models also come equipped with a deadbolt feature that engages when the door is shut, making it nearly impossible for intruders to break into the home through the garage.

Disadvantages of Jackshaft Garage Openers

Because of the advanced technology and mechanics involved with jackshaft openers, they are one of the most expensive systems on the market. Jackshaft openers are also not the quietest model. However, because they mount on the wall instead of the ceiling, the noise is not as much of an issue for living spaces situated above the garage.

The Direct-Drive Opener

The direct-drive opener is not widely available, but like the jackshaft, it is increasing in popularity. Direct-drive models are similar to chain and belt-drives, the difference being that with this design the motor itself moves along a stationary belt or chain. With the motor being the only moving part, direct-drives are often quieter than belt-drives and are low-maintenance.

>Disadvantages of Direct-Drive Openers

Like the jackshaft opener, direct-drive systems are on the more expensive side because of the newer technology used. They are also harder to find because they are not as readily available as other garage door opener models in the United States.

How Legacy Garage Doors Can Help

At Legacy Garage Doors, we are constantly adapting to stay up to date with the newest advancements in garage door technology. Our technicians are trained to handle a variety of situations and garage door opener designs from mechanics and wiring to special features. We even have experience with openers that connect to your smartphone so you can monitor your garage usage for safety purposes. For all of your garage door needs, contact Legacy Garage Doors today!

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