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Glass Overhead Door Vancouver WA

Full-View Glass Overhead Doors

For a contemporary and inviting look that combines natural light with security and functionality, choose a glass overhead door. You may have seen how these garage doors give an elegant touch and open visibility to coffee shops, breweries, and driveways alike. With Legacy Garage Doors, we install standard or custom-sized doors for your property.

The types of glass garage doors we install:

Glass & Steel Garage Doors

  • Light-weight and inexpensive
  • Best for double-wide doors
  • Steel & Glass Doors

  • Great for commercial properties
  • Secure and durable
  • Double layered and galvanized
  • Wood Overlay

  • Rust and dent resistant
  • Comes in variety of grains

  • Custom Overhead Garage Doors

    Glass Overhead Doors Vancouver WA
    Overhead doors don’t always need to open to the garage. Homeowners can find creative uses for full-view doors, acting as a partition to the interior that can open up to a patio or back yard.
    For property owners who would rather choose a modern and sophisticated door than a standard fiberglass, steel, or aluminum door, our custom garage door installation services range from glass overhead doors to building combinations.

    The results: a garage door that makes an enticing and luxurious statement for your house. We install:

    • Any manufacturer
    • Endless combinations and style options
    • With quality workmanship and precision
    • Clear, black, or anodized aluminum finishes

    Custom Garage Door Service

    What kind of garage door do you want to see on your home? Legacy can make it happen. Whether you’re looking to install a garage door for your carport, kitchen, or living room, we can make it happen. roll-top doors are quickly becoming a creative and functional addition to house design.


    • Raised Panel
    • Ranch Panel
    • Carriage
    • And More!

    Design Options

    • Aluminum and Glass Full View Doors: A popular and modern choice, these garage doors offer a range of window options: transparent, mirrored, or foggy.
    • Wood Overlay Doors come in a variety of colors, grains, and styles: Simulated wood,

    About Us

    At Legacy Garage Doors, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured company proudly serving the areas surrounding Vancouver, Washington and the Portland metropolitan area. Our services range from custom overhead garage door installation to complex repairs and testing.