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Garage Door Replacement Ridgefield

Garage Door Materials

Garage Door Replacement RidgefieldReplacing your garage door is a big investment and normally isn’t something people consider lightly. When you need a new garage door because you want to upgrade your look or because your old one is past the point of a garage door repair, our team at Legacy Garage Door is here to help you. There are many factors that you should think about when picking out a new garage door and there are many more factors that go along with the installation of a garage door.

The first thing you should consider is the material you want your door to be. This may not seem like an important decision to some people, just pick a door and hang it up, you’re good to go. But some doors require much more maintenance than others and some materials cost more. The material will vary from person to person depending on their needs and personal preference. It is also important to match the style of your garage door to the style of your home.

For example, if you have a country style home you wouldn’t want to install a very modern looking garage door that is all glass and metal. But if you have a sleek, modern home it might look a little odd if you installed natural wood, cottage style garage doors. There are pros and cons to each type of material. But if you are still unsure about which material and style of garage door would best suit your home, feel free to ask your Legacy Garage Door technician for their professional opinion.

Natural Wood Doors

Wood garage doors provide the most aesthetic look to most homes. They give off a warm, welcoming feel. They are also very sturdy but very heavy. Because of their naturally dense composition they are excellent at keeping your garage insulated. But they require more maintenance than most other doors. Because they are a natural material, wood garage doors need to be re-stained and repainted every few years to keep them in good quality. They are also one of the more costly options of garage doors.

Steel Garage Doors

Residential Garage DoorsSteel is the most popular option for garage doors and that is because they are less expensive and readily available. Durable steel won’t be prone to dents or scratches. They can also be painted to look like a different material which can significantly help with the aesthetics. The drawback for steel doors is their lack of insulation. If you plan on using your garage for more than parking your car, you will probably want it to be insulated. Living in the Pacific Northwest we can experience fairly hot and cold temperatures throughout the year. But adding insulation to your garage door is not a very complicated task.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are the least expensive option and also the most lightweight. The lightness of this door is helpful if you ever need to know how to lift garage door with broken spring, if the power happens to go out. Aluminum doors are immune to rust so they are a great material option for coastal areas. But this material is also more prone to dents and other damage.

Ridgefield Resident’s Choice For New Garage Doors

Replacing your old, dingy garage door should be an exciting time. It opens up all the other possibilities that are out their for different colors, styles and designs. Whatever kind of garage door you are looking for Legacy Garage Doors is here to help you. Our technicians have years of experience replacing, installing and repairing all sorts of garage doors for our Ridgefield residents. Give us a call when you’re ready to replace your old door with a brand new one! You also have the opportunity to upgrade different features of your garage system. Like new openers that work from your smart phone and other advanced technologies. Give us a call today!

At Legacy Garage Doors, we provide various services to a variety of locations. When you need garage door replacement, garage door repair, or broken spring repair in Clark County, Washougal, Camas, Longview, Salmon Creek, Battle Ground, and anywhere in between we are here to help!