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Garage Door Openers Camas

Horsepower For Your Garage Door

Garage Door Openers CamasAt Legacy Garage Doors, near Camas, we are experts in garage door installations, repairs, and openers. There are many different types of garage door openers, and some of them have more power than others. There are different levels of horsepower when it comes to openers, and depending on how large your garage door is will determine the amount of horsepower your opener will need. The range in power will affect how quickly your garage door opens and closes. And while you may not need your garage door to open at supersonic speed, it is always better to have a little more power than not enough.

A typical garage door is about 20 feet wide, with this size door you only need 1/2 horsepower to open it. Heavier garage doors with insulation might need a 3/4 horsepower opener; these openers will also last longer than less powerful ones. And for solid wood doors or any heavy door, a one horsepower opener would be required.

Types Of Garage Openers

There are about five generic types of garage door openers. As technology advances new and more efficient openers will become available. Every kind of opener does its job very well; there are just certain qualities that set them apart from one another. Whatever type of garage opener you want Legacy Garage Doors technicians are more than happy to install and calibrate them for you.

Chain Driven is the most common type of garage door opener and is the least expensive option. But because they operate using metal chains, they are louder and require more maintenance.
Belt Driven uses rubber belts instead of chains, so they are much quieter and last longer than the chain-driven openers.
Screw Drive has fewer moving parts, using a threaded rod instead of a belt or chain. This opener requires less maintenance and is very quiet, but it is also slower to open and close than its counterparts.
Jack Shaft Drive is installed on the side of the garage instead of on the ceiling. This type of opener is great for people who want to utilize all of the space in their garage, including the ceiling.
Direct Drive is a newer opener from European technology. This type of opener only has one moving part, making it the most silent of garage door openers. There is a motor that runs along a chain that is embedded in a rail on the ceiling.

Other Garage Door Features

Garage Door Openers Repair CamasDepending on the size of your garage door, you might need to install an extension kit. Typical garage doors are about 7 feet tall. If yours is taller, it is a good idea to invest in an extension kit. These kits allow your opener the leverage to be capable of opener the door. Keeping your safety features updated and maintenance is crucial to protecting your family, pets, and your property. Checking your laser eyes and auto-reverse functions should be part of your annual garage maintenance. When you have Legacy Garage Door specialists install your new opener, they can also check your safety features and let you know if anything needs fixing or replacing.

Legacy Garage Doors

Installing your garage door opener by yourself can be done if you have excellent handyman skills and experience. But having the professionals at Legacy Garage Doors do it for you ensures that everything will be done correctly, and all your safety features will be inspected. Our team has all the tools and knowledge to perform any garage door repairs, installations, or maintenance. Give us a call today!