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Garage Door Installation Salmon Creek

New Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Salmon Creek

For a long time garage doors were these large, unused storage spaces on most houses. Even though they take up about a quarter of the front of the home, most people didn’t pay them much attention. Around the 2000’s is when designers started to realize the garage door is a perfect opportunity to add some aesthetic appeal to the house. Once more designs started opening up on the market, people were paying a lot more attention to their garages and actually utilizing them. Getting a new garage door is like remodeling part of your home. You get to pick out the model, color, and style of door you want.

Sectional garage doors are the most popular, standard doors. The door is compromised of horizontal segments that roll up and rest on the ceiling of the garage.
Swing Out garage doors can be opened manually or with a remote. They are great for keeping the extreme temperatures at bay but are not ideal for snowy climates because a build-up of snow can prevent them from opening.
Sliding garage doors are great if you need a large opening, these types of doors can be made larger than other doors. They rest on roller tracks and can be opened manually or with a remote. But these doors are the least weatherproof.
Bifold garage doors are designed like closet doors. They don’t open out as far as the swing outdoors, providing more room. But are not great and protecting from the temperatures.

Garage Door Installation Process

When you decide to get a new garage door installed, there are a few things you should do beforehand. Knowing the size of your garage is very important and will help you to decide what kind of door you want. The average size for a garage door is 7-8 ft high and 9-16 ft wide. If your garage door is larger than this, it may require you to get a custom door. You can get a custom door regardless, but the standard sizes are easily available and more affordable. But you also don’t get to customize it the way you want it. It is really up to you to decide which way you want to go. Now when it comes to installation time, it generally takes half a day for the technicians to install your door. But if you ordered a custom door, you might have to wait 6-9 weeks before it is made and ready for you. This time can also vary depending on the material you chose. Wood doors take longer to create than steel or fiberglass.

Garage Door Extras

Garage Door Installation in Salmon Creek

When your new garage door is installed, you should also get new tracks, rollers, springs, and hinges. But there are some extra items you can purchase to spruce up your door even more. Getting handles, bolts, hinges, and decorative nails that compliment your door can really boost the aesthetic of it. Now other than the visual appeal of your door, you also want to ensure the safety and functionality of it are up to par. After 1995 it became mandatory for all garage doors to have photo eyes installed. Photo eyes consist of two sensors on either side of your door that are roughly 6 inches above the ground. The sensors have a beam that connects the two, and if anything interrupts that beam connection, the system will stop the garage door from closing and will revert back to its open position. Another safety feature installed on garages is the pressure sensitivity function. This function will stop the garage door from closing if there is any form of resistance. You should test both of these safety features regularly. Waving something in front of the photo eyes or placing a roll of paper towels on the ground to test the pressure sensitivity are both good ways to test these systems. If your garage door does not revert back to the open position in either testing scenario, you need to call Legacy Garage Doors because we provide repairs as well.

Legacy Garage Doors

With over 20 years of experience, Legacy Garage Doors is your trusted neighborhood garage expert. If you’re not sure about getting your garage door repaired or replaced, feel free to give us a call, and we will give you a free estimate!

At Legacy Garage Doors, we provide various services to a variety of locations. When you need broken spring repair, garage door repair, or garage door replacement in Battle Ground, Clark County, Washougal, Camas, Ridgefield, Longview, Salmon Creek, and anywhere in between we are here to help!