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Garage Door Installation Battle Ground

Preparing For Your Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Battle Ground

When you have decided on your new garage door and have already made an appointment with a Legacy Garage Doors technician it is time to get prepared for your installation. This may not sound like something you need to do any preparation for but it can really help speed the process up and make everything go much smoother.

When your technician arrives it is important to have your garage ready for them to work, otherwise everyone is there and then we have to move vehicles around and it just becomes a crazy mess. Having your car already removed from the garage, cleaning up any clutter that could get in the way and assuring there is electrical access are all very helpful to your technician.

Post Garage Door Installation

After our technicians have expertly installed your brand new door they will then inspect the entire system again to ensure everything is working properly. And program your opener to work with your remote. After your installation our technicians will also check your safety features and other parts of your system, if you need garage door repairs or maintenance our technicians can do that as well. As technology advances so do the features for garage systems.

When one of our team members replaces your garage door feel free to ask us about any new features that are available to you. There are options to sync your garage system to your phone to get notifications when your door is opened or closed, you can lock it, open and close it all from you phone. Our technicians at Legacy Garage Doors stay up to date on all garage systems to ensure we are providing the best for our customers.

Don’t DIY Install Your Door

New Garage DoorsWhile most DIY projects are a fun hobby for some people and they enjoy the challenge of a difficult project, replacing your own garage door is not a good DIY project. Depending on the type and size of the garage door they can be extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver. Not to mention any torsion springs you may encounter depending on your garage system. Those springs are responsible for lifting and lowering that heavy garage door so they hold an intense amount of tension in them. If you don’t know what you are doing and haven’t practiced this enough to be skilled at it you could end up seriously hurting yourself.

While it might be an easy enough task for a group of friends to replace a manual door that has no motors or torsion springs, it is always best to side with caution. Let our trained experts at Legacy Garage Doors handle it for you. Our technicians not only have the training and knowledge of garage door system but they also have years of experience dealing with this everyday. Our technicians will install your garage door with precision.

Legacy Garage Door Installations

When you’ve picked out a new door you are probably excited to get it installed so you can see how great it looks with your house. And that is why Legacy Garage Doors provides quick and professional installations. And when you need maintenance or repairs done you already know who to call. We are your local garage door experts! Give us a call today for any garage door services you need!

At Legacy Garage Doors, we provide various services to a variety of locations. When you need broken spring repair, garage door replacement, or garage door repair in Longview, Clark County, Washougal, Camas, Ridgefield, Salmon Creek, Battle Ground, and anywhere in between we are here to help!