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Broken Spring Repair Vancouver WA

Broken Spring Repair Vancouver WA

broken spring repair vancouver wa

Broken or worn out springs are a hazard waiting to happen. If your garage door has been operating for 3 to 7 years (which translates roughly to 15,000 cycles), then chances are your springs are close to wearing down or failing. In the event of your spring failing and trapping you and your car in your garage, you need a garage door repair service that can but your garage back on track. Legacy Garage Door Services can come to the rescue, 24-7. We provide broken spring repair for Vancouver residents and commercial property owners who have experienced garage spring failures or signs of wear and tear in their garage door’s lift mechanisms.

How Long Do Springs Last?

If your garage door is more than three years old, you should have an inspector from Legacy Garage Door come out to take a look. We carry garage door springs that range between standard-cycle and high-cycle springs.

  • Standard Cycle: 10k to 15k cycles
  • High Cycle: 50,000+ cycles

Spring Replacements

We run through a number of checks to test the tension of the springs. We then adjust the tension to the weight of the garage door with balance test, we ensure that the spring can accommodate the load and lift of your garage door for the long run. That way, you can rely on your garage door to open when you need it to open, close when you need it to close, and run smoothly every day.

Extension Springs – Highly Dangerous!

When it comes to replacing or even inspecting extension springs, don’t do it yourself! Extension springs not only wear down more quickly than torsion springs, but they also can become dangerous projectiles if they are mishandled.

Common Problems with Extension Springs:

  • Can turn into projectiles under high tension
  • Prone to repairs

  • Don’t run as smoothly
  • Shorter lifespan than a torsion spring


Some garages will have extension springs that run parallel along garage door track. These springs get installed at the same time and should have the same tension. Because of this, extension springs have roughly an equal lifespan.

Replace your Extension Springs with Torsion Springs: When one of your extension springs has visibly warn out, it’s only a matter of time before the other spring wears out as well. We recommend replacing both, and opting for torsion springs.

Avoid the Risks of Old Extension Springs: Extension springs have also been known to break apart violently when mishandled. In fact, when they’re at their maximum tension, extension springs can turn into projectiles if they break.

Torsion Spring Replacement

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Torsion Springs are the first choice for new garage door installations or replacements. Torsion springs, unlike extension springs, are safer, stronger, and more durable alternative for a number of reasons. They’re installed above the garage door for better lifting action. They also don’t require a safety cable like extension springs do. Plus, they last much longer and are therefore more cost-effective than extension springs.

For people who are interested in torsion springs, we offer standard springs (10,000 to 15,000 cycles) and high cycle springs (50,000+ cycles).

Extend Your Garage Door Springs’ Life

Be careful not to add weight to the garage door.
Adding a coat of paint, a layer of insulation, or glass overhead sections can throw off the balance of your garage door resulting in more stress on your springs.

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