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Broken Spring Repair Salmon Creek

Broken Springs

Broken Spring Repair Salmon Creek

Eventually all garage door systems get old and will need a replacement but sometimes small parts break and can be repaired fairly easily. Other parts of the system are a little more complicated to repair. If you are not a garage door technician it can be difficult to know what is wrong with your garage. But when something is clearly wrong you want to know what it is and how to fix it. If it happens to be a broken spring then Legacy Garage Doors is here to help. There are several signs that identify a broken spring.

Signs of Broken Springs

    • About a 2 inch gap in your springs
    • If your door falls when closing
    • Your garage door doesn’t run smoothly
    • If your garage door is crooked

    Broken Spring Safety

    It is very important if your garage door springs are broken that you do not attempt to remove or replace them by yourself. These types of springs are dangerous to handle if you don’t have the proper training. Garage doors can weigh up to of 400 pounds, and those springs are responsible for lifting and lowering that door. It is also important not to force the door open manually as this can damage the opener and risk injury to yourself. The wires that the springs are made with are wound up very tightly in order to support the tension of the weight. Our technicians use special tools and techniques to prevent any injuries. There are different springs and sizes and if you replace your springs with the wrong kind it can seriously damage your garage door system.

    Different Spring Systems

    Broken Spring Repair in Salmon CreekThere are generally two types of spring systems in a garage. There is a torsion spring system and an extension spring system. Torsion springs are found above your garage and extensions springs are found on the sides of your garage. Torsion springs wind and unwind in order to open and close the door, extension springs expand and contract. Generally only one spring is needed for a typical garage door. Occasionally two or more springs are needed for heavier garage doors in order to safely and effectively open and close the door. Having two springs can be helpful in a few ways. If one spring breaks you can still open the door manually because the second spring will assist you with the weight. And having two springs eases some of the wear and tear on the other parts of the garage door system, helping them to last longer. But if one spring breaks it is best to replace both of them at the same time, because more than likely they were purchased and installed at the same time so logically will wear out close to the same time.

    Spring Life Cycles

    All garage door springs have a certain number of life cycles. When your garage door opens and closes one time that is considered a life cycle. Typical springs will have about 10,000 life cycles. So if you use your garage door everyday your springs should last you about 10 years. Stronger, heavier duty springs can have up to 30,000 life cycles. Now, your springs could last longer or they could break sooner because there are a lot of other factors that effect your springs. The climate is one major factor, if you live somewhere with high humidity it could cause rust to appear and weaken your springs.

    Legacy Garage Door Spring Repair

    In addition to installing garage doors our team of trained technicians are well equipped to handle any repair job, including broken springs. If you have broken springs please don’t try to replace them yourself, it can be very dangerous. Give Legacy Garage Doors a call and we can have your door back to tip-top shape in no time.

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