Broken Spring Repair Ridgefield

Lifespan Of Springs

Broken Spring Repair RidgefieldGenerally your garage door springs will last anywhere from 4-9 years. How frequently the garage door is used will effect how long the springs last. It is becoming more and more common for homeowners to use their garage as the main entrance to to their home. If your garage springs break sooner than a year or two then you probably have the wrong springs or they were installed incorrectly.

Proper maintenance of your springs and the rest of your garage system will help them last much longer and prevent the need for garage door replacement. You should care for your springs at least twice a year and more so if you use your garage on a daily basis. WD-40 is a springs best friend. Lubricating them regularly helps prevent rust which is a springs arch nemesis. Garage springs don’t require extensive maintenance but properly lubricating them throughout the years can do wonders for their longevity.

Check Your Spring Balance

When your springs break it is pretty obvious, your door won’t open or it will be crooked or all sorts of very apparent issues. But testing the balance on your garage door is important to do regularly, about once a year. Think of it like a check up for your door. Checking the balance of your garage door will let you know if anything is wrong or if your springs are in bad shape and need to be replaced before they break.

To do this all you need to do is be inside of your garage and have the door closed. Then you will detach the door from the opener by pulling the red emergency disconnect cord. For some doors you want to pull this straight down and for other you want to pull it down and back. Once the door is disconnected form the opener you can begin to test your doors balance.

Garage Door Spring RepairStart by lifting the garage door halfway. If you can not lift your garage door off of the ground, your springs are already broken. The point of torsion or extension springs is to lighten the weight of the garage door so that you and the opener can easily lift and lower it. Once you get your door to the halfway point let it go. Your door should not move up or down it should stay in the halfway position.

After you test this part you want to lift your door all the way open, above your head. Once the door is in the fully open position let it go. If the door falls and slams back down your springs are not working properly. Your garage springs should be able to hold your door in any position, halfway, open or three-quarters. If your door doesn’t pass this test then you need to have your door re-balanced.

Ridgefield’s Choice For Spring Repair

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