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Broken Spring Repair Battle Ground

Difference Between Springs

Broken Spring Repair Battle Ground

Generally speaking there are two types of springs. Extension and torsion springs. Both types are very commonly used within garage door systems, so our technicians at Legacy Garage Doors are experts in handling both types of broken spring repairs as well as all other garage door repairs. If you don’t know what kind of springs you have it is very easy to find out. Extension springs are going to be on opposite sides of each other. They are located up along the tracks of your garage door system and run parallel to each other. Torsion springs are a bit bigger in diameter compared to the extension springs and these are going to located directly above your garage door.

How Do You Know When You Have Broken Springs

There are several signs that will alert you when something is wrong with your garage door system, especially when concerning your springs. The most apparent sign will be a very loud bang. If you aren’t sure whether you heard it or not then you probably didn’t. The amount of tension that these springs hold is enough to lift and lower a couple hundred pounds, so when one of them snaps it’s not a very subtle sound.

But if you didn’t hear a loud snap there are other signs that will let you know if your springs are broken. When you open your garage door if it is going very slowly in either direction that could be an indication of spring issues. If your open-close cycle is very clunky and not smooth or if your garage door is hanging at an angle. All of those are signs of broken or damaged springs. But you can always call Legacy Garage Doors just in case and our technicians would be happy to inspect and repair any broken springs or other apparent issues with your garage door system.

Garage Door Spring Maintenance

Garage Door Spring MaintenanceKeeping up with the maintenance on your garage door system is a sure fire way to prevent any costly damages from occurring in the future. Just like the vehicles that you store in here your garage needs maintenance too. If you didn’t get oil changes or rotate your tires your car would start to have issues. If you park your car in your garage then you open and close that door every time you drive somewhere. That’s a lot of use. Annual maintenance on your garage door system will help prevent unexpected repairs. And if you are getting your springs replaced we recommend replacing both of them at the same time because they were most likely installed at the same time so they will likely wear out and break at the same time. Replacing them both together will save you time and money in the future.

Don’t Try To Replace Springs Yourself

There is a reason that so many technicians and companies advise people against replacing your own garage door springs. Because it is dangerous. Garage doors weigh a couple hundred pounds and those relatively small springs are responsible for opening and closing that door multiple times a day. When your garage door is closed there is more tension in those springs. For torsion springs they are untwisted to allow the door to lower and when you open the door they wind up and hold the door open. With extension springs when the door is closed the springs stretch out like a slinky and shrink back up when the door is open. If you do not know what you are doing and are not experienced in the garage field then you could end up injuring yourself or your family and causing serious damage to your garage system. Call Legacy Garage Doors today and let us help you with your garage needs!